Taylorsville, NC Photographer

Taylorsville, NC Photographer

It’s John’s turn and it’s about time! He’s 10. He turned 10 last December, yes you read that right. I just got around to taking his 10 year old photos a few weeks ago. We headed out in our little community near Taylorsville, NC where we just stopped around looking for good light and captured his personality. This has been on my to do list for some time and it has become a must do priority lately (along with my other 2 boys who I am behind on photographing individually). Hey, who said it needs to be near their birthday. That used to be my goal but now it has morphed into “within the year of that age”. I had to get John’s photos done though before we headed into peak busy season. If I didn’t I would suddenly realize that he’s turning 11 and I never captured him at 10.

Making it happen …

WOW ya’ll “momming” is busy work alongside running a small business and renovating a house. Time flies by and I’m committed to keeping this tradition alive. It has given me such beautiful snippets in images of my boys. Most importantly, I love spending this one on one time photographing them. My goal is to capture some of the things that encompass the age they are at as well as their mannerisms and personality. John got glasses this year so that makes him look more grown up along with the slimming of his face and cheek bone structure. I love watching him grow and seeing him transform from a little kid to this adolescent with his quirky personality.

John …

John is an excellent student. He is two years running with all A’s and works hard in school. He’s best at math and science but also enjoys reading. Currently he’s into the Harry Potter series. He loves Myth Busters and Top Gear as well as any interesting informative show he can find. He’s a trickster and loves a good prank. He also can be a bit sneaky so we have to keep our eye on him for that. He’s a great brother, especially to Andy. Many of you may know our nick name for John is Dinks. I often call him “Daddy Dinks” because he will get Andy things when he needs them and help him out if Mike and I are busy.

John is doing well in soccer this season and has scored a few goals. I’m proud of him, the boy that used to run beside the game but not play in the game. Mostly, I love that soccer teaches him teamwork and respect for his body physically. Speaking of which, we also have quite the “logger” on our hands. The boys have started cutting small trees in the woods behind our house. Yes, they try to sell us the wood, lol, but they are also helping clear certain areas Mike asks them to. I love that they learn hands on from their Dad and this Mama also works to teach them the inside chores too.

All the love …

This boy still loves his legos and anything construction as well. He loves eating chips and salsa like nobody’s business and is a fan of cookie dough ice cream. He’s my picky eater. He’s loving and sweet but also reserved. When he opens up though he’s a world of knowledge about anything he’s into. I’ve had some crazy dissertations on Pokemon that I can’t follow as well as various cars that I know nothing about. He likes to ride his bike and all the boys like it when we go camping, hiking and swimming. We spend a lot of time outdoors and find a lot of peace there. I hope he always enjoys that.

It is so hard to believe I have been a mom for 10, almost 11 years, it seems like he was just born. I am so thankful that God chose me to be John and my other boys Mom. We are a perfect fit of course because He knows what is best for us always. I am proud of him and all of me prays for the most amazing things in his life. Spirituality, happiness, good experiences and the grace to handle the not so good things life throws his way, the ability to achieve the things he wants to. Simple as that, a good life with lots of love. My love just grows and grows for these boys and I’m grateful. So enormously grateful for our family.

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