Fellow photographers will know exactly what I mean when I say this … you know when you go to a session and you are a little nervous anyway (maybe that’s just me) and then the child you are photographing doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. Slight moment of panic! Then their terrific parents step in and get him to loosen up (I had already tried candy, reindeer antlers and basically being a goof ball). Then you depart ways and promise to have images in a gallery soon and secretly you are feeling a mixture of relief that things shaped up as the session went on and a bit of worry about how much you actually have. Hey, I’m being honest here and I’m a worrier.

So you drive straight home, not stopping, slam the card into your computer, upload, sigh and smile and LOVE what you do!!! Because now not only have you captured the fun little boy inside but also a sweet and somewhat shy child that loves his Mommy and Daddy so much. This is his perfect newly 3 year old self just as he is … innocent, loving and sweet. I have a soft spot for sweet little boys that adore their parents and parents whose pride wells up inside them when they look at them and you can see it. That is what these images show!



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