Just sharing a few recent photos from our trip to Folly Beach in Charleston, SC. This is the 2nd year we have done a short trip to this beach in the Spring. We like to camp at James Island park and relax in the sun and sand. This year we saw our share of wildlife including crabs and jelly fish. Apparently (according to Eagle Scout hubby who is not from the coast, hearing the doubt?), the jelly fish he and John Michael are touching doesn’t sting. I guess he was right or they were lucky. ┬áThe crabs were nestled at the foot of the rocks in the first photo. Boy did Levi get a suprise when he strolled into their home. Mike saved them too by letting a lady with a large pot and tongs know that she could not cook them and make her desired “yummy soft shell crab” for dinner. Yes, that is a true story!

We had a great time relaxing on the beach and tackling the waterpark on the only day it was open during our stay (even though it was a whopping 77 degrees). Um, we didn’t stay long but we did ride all the slides and JM even got to go down the big ones. Good times and great memories!


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