Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Imaging USA 2013 and a styled Senior shoot (more about that later)! When I left my former career 4 years ago I wasn’t sure I would be on another trade show floor again. Tradeshows had been a big part of my job then and I enjoyed them. It was cool to be back in the saddle again, although I will admit that I NEVER imagined I would be attending a show for photography!

So … my Mom and I left at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get into Atlanta in time to make it to my shoot. Yes … a little time away while I left the boys with Daddy!  Once that was over we had a great time hitting the town and even went to the Westin’s rotating lounge high in the sky. Unfortunately, I only have an iphone photo of that because after 3 hours of constant shooting I wasn’t really in the mood to continue to haul my camera around.

On Sunday I was able to walk the show floor and attend lectures by awesome photographers. It feels good to continue to learn, grow and drive forward on my photography journey. It was also nice to touch and feel products from my favorite vendors and a few I didn’t know about. The ability to look through countless album samples and more was like being a kid in a candy store!  A great trip and a great shoot that I can’t wait to share … for now …



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