Where oh where do I begin? First things first, I LOVE these photos of my boys doing what they do. It is a very ┬áhealthy thing for any photographer to shoot for themselves and capture the ones they love, naturally, without a plan. I have not done that in a while and it felt GOOD!!! These are all from our recent road trip to see my Husband’s family. We camped in the Allegheny National Forest in these rustic little cabins and had several adventures.

Upon our arrival into Bradford, PA we stopped at my Husband’s Father’s house and Mike climbed into the attic where he had promised the boys that he had tons of He-Man figures, Leggo’s and Lincoln Logs from his childhood. He didn’t disappoint and also found some vintage trucks. The images of my oldest playing in the cabin capture his complete childhood boy look all the way down to the squatting that kids do and his feet crossed behind him. I know those days are fleeting faster than I like to believe.

Then there’s the nature, our doggies and my sweet baby with his Woody doll all tuckered out along with fishing to include salamander catching and pine cone gathering. Turkey calling, mud and water play … all boy! No fish … they mostly tangled lines. We had a little bike ride with friends and mostly hung out and had fun catching up. We did have some excitement every night like clock work with a bear visiting our site. Mike and his buddy had to chase him off one night and I almost got a shot of him, but not quite!

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