I can’t believe this transition is here!  My oldest Son started Kindergarten today … bittersweet for Mommy. I am going to miss him and the freedom we had several days a week to just be and do what we wanted on a whim. He is growing so big and mature though and it’s all part of the process of raising children. He had a great day and is excited and I know he will do great thanks to his awesome pre-school teachers who prepared him for success in this new world. My youngest added one morning of pre-school as well and started this week. He is a little social guy and his friends from last year are back so they are just chugging along as if there wasn’t a Summer break.

To prepare for school we made a few treats and cards for teachers. Teachers of my boys … if you happen to read this I am sorry you did not receive them. See, I don’t know what happened but the brownies were hard, lol. So expect something after all the other welcome gifts have come and gone after labor day weekend. I did photograph the process so I am including those. Of course I also had to drag them out to the school to do mini a back to school session and I toted the camera for a few classroom shots today. Happy back to school everyone. Here is to an excellent year full of learning milestones! Hugs to Mommies sending off their babies. Thank you tremendously to the wonderful teachers that these two are blessed to have. I can already tell that you love all the children you teach!


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