Levi turned four on May 3 and we celebrated just as he wished … with a minion party! All he wanted was a toy weedeater (a weedweater as he calls it) and he got that and more. He couldn’t have been happier and that makes us beam as parents. He calls himself the most awesomest Levi and I have to agree. This child is such a character. Comical as can be and just full of energy and free spirited love. You can’t help but smile around him. I can’t believe he is already 4 and not so much of a baby anymore. He loves Tweetsie railroad, it’s his “most favorite place in the world”. He dresses in full cowboy get up when we go, which has already been 4 times this year since it opened in April =)! I thought about doing pictures of him in that outfit but it just didn’t work itself out that way. That is still on the agenda to get him to agree to hopefully. As with all 4 year olds, you are on their terms when photographing them. So … one day the week after his birthday we were going to play in the creek just down from our house and I decided to tote along the camera. I had no idea what the light would be like down there mid-morning or if he’d be in the mood or what I’d get. I have to say I love him just as natural as can be. Showing his personality, giving me his typical looks, his mannerisms coming across perfectly. It worked out the way it was supposed to. We love you LEVI!!! Happy 4th Birthday!


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