I am digging out of my hole a little more today with some personal images. It’s sort of what I needed to work on with it being rainy and gross outside. Looking at these brings me back to warm days. There are lots because when it comes to my own kids at the beach just doing their thing it is kind of hard for me to narrow. So, apologies there. Every year we visit the Outer Banks of NC in September with my family and grandparents. It’s kind of a sacred time in sorts because it allows us to slow down and just be. There is no agenda for anything, just enjoyment.

On this trip we did much of the usual; fishing, visiting light houses, riding the ferry to Ockracoke, watching the sunset at Frisco campground, beach walking and just having down time at the house. I did try to actually dress the boys for some pictures when we went to Ockracoke but Levi got mad and was having none of it. I still photographed him mad because it was kind of cute and funny especially when he gave me the stink eye. So, alas … photographer failure, I did not get one with all 3 of them looking cute.

I also know there are more of the older boys than Andy too but he was barely sitting at this point and sand and wind didn’t mix that well with him being out of the stroller. Oh and if you are wondering about the weird spaceship. Yep, that’s at someone’s home on the side of the road in Frisco. There are so many reasons why I LOVE this place. Things like this … a milky way sky at night for crab chasing, brisk winds and salty weather. It’s rough around the edges but so enchanting.


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