Meet Caitlin and Matt! They are getting married in the Fall of 2015 at the Twickenham House in Boone, NC. To say that I can NOT wait to shoot their wedding at this amazing venue is an understatement. Plus, they have such great personalities that are just easy! Their engagement session was just that too, when love is shining through you don’t need much else and it just shows.

We met at The American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC and explored the surroundings for a few hours while getting to know each other a little better and busting out some awesome portraits! This was my first time meeting these two since they booked over a phone conversation where they told me more about themselves and their wedding planning. I am so glad we had this time together for them to get used to the camera.

One of the many reasons that clients tell me they love engagement sessions and I do to for the same. I mean who knew how tall Matt would be compared to petite Cait, haha! So, yes, they got used to me posing them and directing them and then they got relaxed and that’s where the real connection between couples shines through. I can’t wait to make that happen again on their wedding day. You know what else I love, we did this session on the one year anniversary of their engagement. How cool of a way to celebrate and connect is that?! Plus all of our walking around worked up an appetite for them to have a dinner out together. Win, win!

I enjoyed getting to shoot at a cool new place and spending the afternoon with you guys!



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