So … a few months ago I met this cute couple at The Bunker Hill Covered Bridge outside of Hickory, NC. It was a foggy day with rain threatening. However, with a reschedule due to so many rainy days this past Fall, well we had to make this happen before time was up! So we chose a place that we could shoot rain or shine by using the cover of this beautiful historic bridge. Luckily we just got clouds and muck to tromp through. Yes, my clients are troopers when they need to be. We were all prepared with our rain shoes :).

This couple was in the final stretch of “expecting” their first baby, well human baby that is. As you can see, they have a doggie child already who is so cute. There is just something about Boston Terriers with their funny little personalities. Anyway, they were so adorable and he just doted on her. Literally, telling her how beautiful she was as I was photographing her. She was of course. Expecting Mamas just have that glow that magnifies the beauty already present in a person. Just smitten … and that love only grows when new life enters our marriages.

Yes, it is tiring and it is hard work but the love always shines above all else. I wish you all the best as parents and am so excited that you get to experience the best joy in life!!! Congratulations!


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